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Too many politicians don’t know how to be honest with the people they seek to represent.
We might not always agree but, make no mistake, you’ll never question where I stand.

The Budget

Our county’s budgetary priorities are, to put it simply, out of whack.

When one of the safest counties in New Jersey spends twice as much on public safety as it does on social services, something is wrong. As a Commissioner, I'll strive to re-prioritize our spending, focusing more on the people and the areas that need it most.

Through a more people-focused budget, we can finally start to properly address issues like housing shortages, food insecurity, racial inequality, and physical and mental health disparities.

The Environment

We are in a race against time. A warming world will change our planet in ways currently unimaginable.


But, we can help alleviate some of the harshest impacts right here in Morris County. The Board of Commissioners developed a first-of-its-kind program to put solar panels on county land.  If elected, I would seek to expand this program AND make it profitable.  I would also explore the addition of other clean sources to the county’s energy portfolio.

I would also move to implement an all-hybrid county fleet by 2025.


Our Board of Commissioners has a visibility problem, which explains why so many Morris County residents have no idea who they are or what they do. It’s time to shed more light on our county government.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Board of Commissioners to institute a live stream of their meetings, something that was long overdue. I would ensure that this continues post-COVID so that all residents have an opportunity to see the meetings live and have their questions and concerns addressed in real-time.


I'd also seek to get the Board of Commissioners out in the community, through “Mobile Meetings” held quarterly in different areas of the county.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equality

Morris County is becoming more diverse by the day.


We need our government to not only acknowledge this, but to embrace it.


All residents should have access to the same opportunities, and as a Commissioner, I will make sure government isn’t an obstacle. To our growing Hispanic and Latino populations, I want to ensure that all county departments have at least one Spanish-speaking employee and that translation services are available during all Board meetings.

And to our Black residents, I'm going to work every day to make sure that the injustices of the past are learned from and not repeated. We need to implement bias training for ALL county employees, not just those wearing a uniform.


And, on a personal note, I know that I would be the first openly gay individual to serve countywide.  This is an honor that would come with great responsibility to ensure that the LGBT community is heard.

To that end, I would seek to follow the lead of Union County in establishing an Office of LGBT Affairs, only the second in all of New Jersey.

Local Cooperation

Morris County’s 39 municipalities are unique, but they all share something in common - rising costs.

As a Commissioner, I'll work directly with the municipalities to find ways to expand shared services.

County government would, for the first time, actively work to help lower costs for our municipalities.

The Future

More often than not, politicians lack a pretty important trait - foresight.

By failing to adequately prepare for the future, they leave later generations to clean up their mess.

As a Commissioner, I'll place a premium on preparing Morris County for the future. To do this, I would propose the creation of a Department of Economic Development, headed by a dedicated Director, that would focus on attracting the jobs of the future.

Also, I'll seek to create a Department of Youth Services. This new agency would focus on providing resources to Morris County’s young people, a group often overlooked by government.


I'll never claim to know all the answers.
My door will always be open, as will my mind.


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