Morris County is governed by a seven-member Board of County Commissioners.

The members are elected at-large to serve three-year terms.

The Commissioner Board sets policies for the operation of six super-departments,
more than 30 divisions plus authorities, commissions, boards and study committees.

Actual day-to-day operation of departments is supervised by the county administrator.

The Commissioner Board’s duties include:


  • Preparing and adopting the county budget.

  • Authorizing expenditures and bonds.

  • Appointing county officials and members to boards, commissions and authorities.

  • Passing on all claims against the county.

  • Supervising the administration of county government.

The Commissioners are the center of legislative and administrative responsibility in Morris County and, as such, perform a dual role. As legislators, they draw up and adopt a budget, and in the role of administrators they are responsible for spending the funds they have appropriated.


Source: https://morriscountynj.gov/commissioners/commissionerjob/